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Self-Initiated Project

    Project Deliverables

  • 18 Hand Printed Shirts
  • 23 Etched Discs
  • 2 Brooches
  • 1 Brooch Back.

Project Information

“Type XM1A1” is an experimental typeface that was originally created for the “Biodegradable Golf Ball” advertising campaign project but was later used for the “Mixed Passions” project for Metals III. Creating a typeface from scratch allowed me to mix my graphic design skills with my metal smithing skills.

The typeface was etched on to penny sized discs that could be attached via magnets to a brooch or worn separately. In addition to the brooch, I hand printed shirts using the discs and broach. “Mixed Passions” was featured in the 2023 Senior show.


Typeface Process