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Advertising Design

Adv. Studio
2024 AdFed Student - Consumer Campaign - Bronze Award

    Project Deliverables

  • Magazine Ads (2 Single, 2 Double)
  • Indoor Applications
  • Outdoor Applications
  • Social Media Campaign
  • TV/Web Commercial
  • Campaign PDF

Project Information

The goal of the class and project was to create a compelling integrative campaign across various media applications. I chose Biodegradable Golf Balls, a company that focuses on driving range balls. I decided to create a hypothetical performance ball for professional and casual players.

Golf surprisingly impacts the environment more than people realize. The “Forget About It” campaign highlights the sustainability as well as the quality and performance of the hypothetical performance ball. Through engaging and interactive experiences, the company can integrate a sustainable product into established lifestyles and routines without disrupting the golf experience.


Magazine Process

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